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the story behind famous images and deconstruction of the images to understand what made them the viral images of their day.
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The Great Prints

the falling soldier

The Falling Soldier

  THE FALLING SOLDIER is an image taken by Robert Capa in 1936 and is one of the most famous war photographs of all time.   The image propelled Capa into being proclaimed in 1938 at the age of 25 as “the greatest war photographer in the...

migrant mother

The “Migrant Mother” photo

The Migrant Mother --- The Great Prints series The iconic image of The Great Depression known as “Migrant Mother” was taken by studio and portrait photographer turned government photographer for the Resettlement Administration –Dorthea Lange.  Turning away from her studio work as she saw the suffering...

Iwo Jima Photo

Iwo Jima Flag Raising - The Great Prints series On February 23, 1945 Joe Rosenthal, an AP photographer, took one of the most iconic images of World War Two -  the planting of the American flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi.  In an era of...

ansel adams

Ansel Adams – Before | After

Remember that highly popular photograph of Ansel Adam's entitled Moonrise over Hernandez? As Ansel tells it . . . . .   "I had been photographing in the Chama Valley, north of Santa Fe . I made a few passable negatives that day and had several exasperating...