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Learn more about the things we use in the field when we are out shooting and how we use them. On every trip, what we take can vary depending upon what we are going to shoot and how mobile we need to be when we are on foot. Here we share what works for us and what doesn’t – and we cover it all in both videos and articles.
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In the Field

image of a garmin etrex portable GPS

Into the Field and Back Safely

Whether you go out to shoot and spend  several days hiking or are just out for a day-hike there is always the possibility of getting turned around or lost.  As photographers, we tend to wander off the trail to find the shots others have not...

Tamrac Anvil camera bag

Gary’s Gear Bag

Over time, as a photographer  you build-up gear and accessories as you grow in skill or find something that will aid in the kind of photography you do. All of that gear has to go somewhere if you are going to take it with you...

Camera Storm Jacket

  One of the best products to have around, and one that is always in my bag, is a rain cover for my camera.  If you want to stay in the field long after others have packed it in when wet weather moves in, then you owe...

black diamond headlamp

Light The Way

No matter what time of day you are heading out, ALWAYS have a light source handy because you never know exactly how long you'll be out - or how dark it will be when you return. When I'm out in the field I have a LED...

rain storm

When the Rain Comes

Rain Gear and Why You Need It: Weather can give a landscape photograph the texture and light that makes it striking.  Some of the world's most striking images have been taken during weather that would keep most people indoors. Think of Ansel Adam's "Clearing Storm" in...

about walking down trail

Out and Back Safely

As a landscape photographer your goal is to get outdoors and find great photographs to bring back home and show - and/or sell if you are a pro|am photographer like myself.  But being in the right physical condition to head out into the great outdoors...

Nikon D800E

My Primary Camera

  My primary camera is a Nikon D800E - with a full-frame 36 megapixel sensor.  While Nikon's are my favorite cameras, I think everyone has their own criteria for what makes a camera their best choice.  In that sense, when you find a camera that has...