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Roaring Fork River


SO LITTLE TIME   This week has just flown by so fast that it is hard to believe the weekend is here again. We have been shooting the fall color every day for the past week in the Great Smoky Mountains and it has been an incredible...

Gary on Four Mile Road


WHEN THE RAIN COMES As the Beatles song said, "when the rains comes, they run and hide their heads" ...

Roaring Fork River


ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY The title says it all. Today was absolutely, positively magic in terms of color and finding great photo locations. We didn't really get out to shoot till mid-day, but since we were deep in the woods it didn't matter a whole lot in terms...

Christine and Mark Shooting Photographs

GSMNP (Day 4)

GREAT OUTDOORS After arriving at our cabin and getting unpacked, we looked over some of the local maps and headed out for the afternoon to go shoot. The GPS doesn't show just how winding the roads are here. Because you can't see around the next corner...

HIlltop Hideaway Cabin

GSMNP (Day 3)

  CABIN SWEET CABIN We have finally arrived at our cabin in the Smoky Mountains! We drove almost a whole day to get here from our overnight stay in Brownsville, TN - although the drive should only be about a 6+ hour drive. The main reason it...

BBQ Shop Memphis

GSMNP (Day 2)

SPICY MEMPHIS Today started out early and we have had a great start to our Fall photography trip! From Stillwater we made it all the way through Arkansas to Memphis where we stopped for some Memphis BBQ. Thanks to my brother David who had been to...


GSM Fall Color – Background

Well, it is that time of year again - time to get out with our cameras and capture the Fall color. Whether it be in our own neck-of-the-woods or someone else's neck-of-the-woods it is time to load up our camera gear and head out. This...


GSMNP (Day 1)

  GETTING STARTED  We're starting out from home with our SUV packed to the top of the seats and beyond. With the second row filled except for a cubby-hole for the one sitting in that row...