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Behind the Lens

kevin kubota studio

A Photographer’s Studio – Kevin Kubota

There's nothing quite like reaching that point in your business where you can create a space which gives you the opportunity to expand creatively, financially and create new opportunities.   Kevin Kubota, voted a Top Ten Wedding Photographer also has four other businesses he runs from his...

chase jarvis studio

A Photographer’s Studio – Chase Jarvis

There's no question having a studio space to call your own is a great thing to have.  While a lot of photographers work from their home or even a garage studio there comes a time after your business has grown that some dedicated, versatile creative...

jody dole studio

A Photographer’s Studio – Jody Dole

I'm a big fan of having spaces you can dedicate to your passions and one of my passions is photography.  Having a space of some sort that you can dedicate to what you love to do just enhances the love of doing it.  For me,...

modern shed studio

A Photographer’s Studio – Modern Shed

We're in the process of considering how to create a photography studio to help give us more room in our house and give us a better defined space for our post production work.   We're exploring the construction options of one of the larger Modern-Shed structures...

Nikon D800E

To get the “E” or not The new Nikon D800/E is the first digital SLR that broaches the medium format threshold at a much saner price.   One of the big questions of late concerning this new camera is whether to go with the D800 or the D800E version.  The difference being the...

Keepers file

Work on your percentages

No matter how long you've been shooting photographs you'll get the feeling that you just can't take a good shot at different times.  The same feeling runs through the amateur to the Pro alike.  Not every image is going to be a "keeper" and it's...


Abandon the Couch

  While both Christine and I have won a number of awards for our photography, we started out with a percentage of keepers that was so low that we wondered why keep at it?  Well, we kept at it because we really loved creating images, even...

art book

Getting Deconstructive

How do you know what makes a good photograph?  If you are a photographer, you need to understand what goes into making a photograph appealing.  But how do you do that you ask?  Isn't a photograph good when you can look at it and you...

light bulb

Best Photographic Tool Ever

Sometimes those of us who get into photography believe that if they just have the best camera or piece of gear, that will allow them to just point it at a scene and create a "Whoa, NICE!" moment from the images' viewers.   Where do great photographs...