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wheat field

Is Photography a Commodity?

A million new photographs are created every week - and quite possibly, that many every day in the world.  Digital cameras are everywhere and in more devices than just DSLR's.  The world is filled with images from people and sources in print and social media sites that inundate your senses.  With so many images vying for for attention or to be sold, how does anyone get their images noticed enough to make a living at photography?  It seems that there are so many great photographs...

path in the woods

The Road Less Traveled

One of the great things about photography is that you see so many places that you would otherwise never see.  It is a part of being a photographer that I love.  Roads, paths, alleys and lines on maps call you to explore what they have to offer.  That is, if you are willing to try new things and just venture a little way off the beaten path.  It is way, way too easy to be complacent and not go out to shoot.  Nothing ventured nothing...

about walking down trail

Out and Back Safely

As a landscape photographer your goal is to get outdoors and find great photographs to bring back home and show - and/or sell if you are a pro|am photographer like myself.  But being in the right physical condition to head out into the great outdoors on your own and having a few essential pieces of gear are always important. One of the first things I do before heading out from my base location is to set a waypoint in my GPS device for my home...

group picture


RAINBOW FALLS   With so many places to choose from to go and shoot we chose to find some waterfalls today. From the list of waterfalls in the park we chose Rainbow Falls as our first choice of falls to shoot for the day. The trail to Rainbow Falls is just under 3 miles each way, but with a rating of strenuous. What that meant we didn't know, till we started up the mountain on our hike to Rainbow Falls.  There is, what you might call a...

Roaring Fork River


SO LITTLE TIME   This week has just flown by so fast that it is hard to believe the weekend is here again. We have been shooting the fall color every day for the past week in the Great Smoky Mountains and it has been an incredible experience. We could shoot this area for months and probably hardly cover half of it. Having a close affiliation with Colorado, I didn't think any place could rival my favorite areas of Colorado for scenic beauty or Fall color -...

Roaring Fork River


ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY The title says it all. Today was absolutely, positively magic in terms of color and finding great photo locations. We didn't really get out to shoot till mid-day, but since we were deep in the woods it didn't matter a whole lot in terms of light. We had good light all day with minor cloud cover and then as evening approached we had absolutely, positively incredible light. We found ourselves shooting waterfalls, cabins and all forms of leaves both those still on the trees...

Christine and Mark Shooting Photographs

GSMNP (Day 4)

GREAT OUTDOORS After arriving at our cabin and getting unpacked, we looked over some of the local maps and headed out for the afternoon to go shoot. The GPS doesn't show just how winding the roads are here. Because you can't see around the next corner you are always surprised by the beauty just around the bend. We arrived at what is probably about one third of the way into the peak fall color, so we will definitely be out everyday from dawn to dusk the...

HIlltop Hideaway Cabin

GSMNP (Day 3)

  CABIN SWEET CABIN We have finally arrived at our cabin in the Smoky Mountains! We drove almost a whole day to get here from our overnight stay in Brownsville, TN - although the drive should only be about a 6+ hour drive. The main reason it took longer is that someone missed a curve in the mountains and went off the highway and the equipment to pull it back on the highway shut down traffic. So, we got off the highway and stopped to eat for...

BBQ Shop Memphis

GSMNP (Day 2)

SPICY MEMPHIS Today started out early and we have had a great start to our Fall photography trip! From Stillwater we made it all the way through Arkansas to Memphis where we stopped for some Memphis BBQ. Thanks to my brother David who had been to The BBQ Shop with his family and gave it high marks, we decided to give it a try ourselves. It isn't a really large place, but we got in before it got busy and the service was great ...