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little missouri river

Arkansas 2015 Fall Color Photography (Day 2)

Day 2 started out with an early rise and an anticipation of meeting William Rainey who would be our instructor for the day in a one-on-one photography workshop.  I believe that no matter your skill level is, you can always benefit from seeing how another photographer works. Having seen his work prior to signing up for the workshop I really felt like we would gain insights from his creative vision and gather some solid technical advice.  The day dawned with clear blue skies and not...


Arkansas 2015 Fall Color Photography (Day 1)

WE'RE OFF!  We worked a bit past noon today to tie up loose ends and took off!  We are fortunate that we each have really great work environments and we wanted to leave things in the best position we can.  We headed out from Stillwater on to Tulsa and then south on the turnpike to Muskogee where the GPS says the rest of the way will be winding roads with much slower speed limits.         We made make a quick stop at Zoe's Kitchen for a late lunch...

Fall color Mount Magazine

Arkansas 2015 Fall Photography Trip | Getting Ready

Every year Christine and I try to have at least one week long trip to shoot landscapes and we typically plan it for capturing the Fall color somewhere.  In previous years we have shot in Arkansas, Colorado, Tennessee and our home state of Oklahoma.  This year (2015), it will be back to Arkansas and we plan to spend the latter part of October and first part of November  traveling throughout Arkansas shooting the Fall color in a state rich with forests, rivers and waterfalls.  As we travel the...

Guanella Pass, Colorado

The Road Less Traveled

[caption id="attachment_51033" align="alignnone" width="705"] Guanella Pass, Colorado[/caption] One of the great things about photography is that you see so many places that you would otherwise never see if you were not out seeking new images.  It is a big part of being a photographer that I love.  Roads, paths, alleys and lines on maps call you to explore what they have to offer.  That is, if you are willing to try new things and just venture a little way off the beaten path.  It is way,...

Gary Jones Gallery Opening

From Amateur to Pro|Am – Part 1

No one ever told us how to create a public show of our work or how to tell when we were ready to do them.  There's a lot to developing awareness of your work and creating a business around your work in any area of photography - and that is what I hope to help others learn.  For those wanting to move from being an amateur photographer to a Pro|Am photographer, at some point you have to organize your work and get it in front of the public...

ansel adams

Ansel Adams – Before | After

Remember that highly popular photograph of Ansel Adam's entitled Moonrise over Hernandez? As Ansel tells it . . . . .   "I had been photographing in the Chama Valley, north of Santa Fe . I made a few passable negatives that day and had several exasperating trials with subjects that would not bend to visualization. The most discouraging effort was a rather handsome cottonwood stump near the Chama River . I saw my desired image quite clearly, but due to unmanageable intrusions and mergers of forms...

Clyde Butcher photo

A Photographer’s Studio – Clyde Butcher

  Those who know me know I'm a fan of large prints - the kind that have the details and depth that make you feel like you are almost standing in the scene.  These are the kind you will find at Clyde Butcher's galleries in Venice and Ochopee, Florida.  While I'm working to create mine with a Nikon D800E and Really Right Stuff panoramic rails, Clyde Butcher creates his works of art with an 8x10 camera one shot at a time. Clyde Butcher is a  landscape photographer...

google maps icon

2015 Arkansas Fall Color Map

  Home:  Our starting point for our trip!  We're packing up and taking off - and squeezing it all into our SUV and setting out on an adventure.   Mena,AR:  Our first day and we're driving to Mena,AR where we are staying at William Rainey's resort (Rainey Day Resort) who is also the pro photographer we will be spending a day with shooting the Fall color in the area.  If you have seen his work at Buffalo River Photos you'll see why we are taking his...

black diamond headlamp

Light The Way

No matter what time of day you are heading out, ALWAYS have a light source handy because you never know exactly how long you'll be out - or how dark it will be when you return. When I'm out in the field I have a LED headlamp and a small LED flashlight with me.  Both are extremely light and have saved me on more that one occasion.  The LED headlamp is for when I wind up hiking down a trail or road at night and need...