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GSM Fall Color – Background

Well, it is that time of year again - time to get out with our cameras and capture the Fall color. Whether it be in our own neck-of-the-woods or someone else's neck-of-the-woods it is time to load up our camera gear and head out. This year, Mark Morgan, Christine and I are taking off for a new destination to capture the Fall color - the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Many of our trips have been to either Colorado or Arkansas in the previous years,...

On Seeing

When I first lift the camera up to my eye, I already have a vision of how I'm going to frame the scene before me and how I want the final print to turn out.  Ansel Adams started this trend when he was shooting with his 8x10 film camera and it carries through to today to most photographers.  He called it "pre-visualizing" the image that he wanted to end up with when it came out of the darkroom.  In his case a wet darkroom -...


GSMNP (Day 1)

  GETTING STARTED  We're starting out from home with our SUV packed to the top of the seats and beyond. With the second row filled except for a cubby-hole for the one sitting in that row...

Nikon D800E

My Primary Camera

  My primary camera is a Nikon D800E - with a full-frame 36 megapixel sensor.  While Nikon's are my favorite cameras, I think everyone has their own criteria for what makes a camera their best choice.  In that sense, when you find a camera that has the ergonomics that work for you, the Menu arrangement that makes the most sense and has a line-up of lenses that meet your needs - then you've found the best camera choice for what you do.   When choosing a camera the...