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A list of photographers to follow in 2017 whose videos take you with them into the field as they shoot landscapes and share their journey with you.
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Top YouTube Photographers to Follow – 2017

One of the things that I love about photography are the other photographers I’ve met or whose work I can follow.  Thanks to the internet your exposure to other photographers  around the world is at your fingertips and a cause for spending some free time seeing what others are doing.  The gamut of photographers I follow run from the up-and-coming like Thomas Heaton to the well-established like Art Wolfe or the late Michael Reichmann.


Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape web site, now maintained by Kevin Raber was a favorite when I first got started back into photography after a long break. It continues to be today.  I think it would be fair to say that Michael’s early DVD Video Journal series on photography was the precursor for many of todays YouTube photography channels.  Michael Reichmann pioneered taking his viewers along with him into the field and doing reviews of the gear he was using and giving you his likes and dislikes about them.  I believe his articles, essays, reviews and video courses, along with his in-the-field video journals paved the way for the people you’ll find in this years  list of the Top YouTube Photographers to Follow 2017.


The list of photographers includes both digital and film fine art photographers where each shares their in-the-field adventures through both a YouTube channel and their web sites.   In the spirit of Michael Reichmann and the inspiration his videos provided me, I’d like to pass on to you a few photographers whose videos also inspire.  If you haven’t heard of one of these photographers yet, I hope you’ll give them a try and follow and support those that you enjoy!


Thomas Heaton:
While this list is in no particular order, I give Thomas Heaton high marks for the quality and frequency of his videos.  Residing in the UK, his videos take you to a number of areas around England, with ventures to US destinations as well. His videos are well thought-out, entertaining and he rarely lets weather stand in the way.  I think you’ll be seeing more of him soon as he works to develop a pilot for television, which with the following he is building online I think a network will  pick up at some point.  I recommend checking out his YouTube channel and going along for the ride.



Thomas Heaton in Iceland:


Ben Horne:
Ben is a San Diego-based graphic designer who is an accomplished fine art photographer that shoots with an 8 x 10 field camera.  He follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-true photographers of yesteryear like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston who planned trips and pre-visualized the images they wanted to bring back.  His field videos will take you along on his hikes as he exposes you to the way to think about composition when you know you only get one shot for an image. Like shooting with an 8×10 camera, the pace is slower than some other photographers videos but that ‘s part of the experience of shooting large format photographs.  From Zion to Death Valley to the Sierras you’ll find him taking you along on multi-day trips to capture some great images.  Even if you’ve never shot on film, you’ll learn more about scouting, composing and creating great images by joining him in the field.+


Ben Horne in Zion National Park:


Nick Carver:
Nick is one of those guys that can do it all.  He shoots both digital and large format film cameras, including panoramas.  In addition, he is one of the best photography instructors I have come across.  If you are new or an advanced amateur, Nick provides online courses shot at his studio, along with conventional classroom instruction with the clearest explanations I’ve seen.  Nick’s in-the-field videos are fun, instructional and will inspire you to get out there and get shooting.  I recommend getting one of his online courses if you want to understand photography at a deeper level and raise your success rate in capturing “keeper” images! Outside of the studio, join him as he heads out in his 4Runner to areas around the Western US to capture his images with his field and digital cameras. You’ll gain a lot of insight in creating images no matter whether you shoot digital or film!


Nick Carver in the Alabama Hills:


Jon Bryant:
Billing himself as “The Accidental Wildlife” photographer, Jon Bryant got his start in photography after being downsized by his employer. Between his start in 2013 and now he has developed his skills along with a highly respectable publishing track record.  While his forte is wildlife, he takes to the field to shoot landscapes as well and creates videos of his landscape trips.  His video work is on par with his professional photography and his on-camera talks about what he is shooting make it seem like you are out on a walk with another photographer!


Jon Bryant Woodland and Forest Photography


The Art of Photography:
Ted Forbe’s The Art of Photography channel benefits photographers of all genres.  Ted’s channel is more like a history class of photography, photographers and art. He is prolific in his creation of videos and you’ll learn a lot about how photography fits into the world of art.  As a former Dallas Museum of Art curator he knows a thing or two about photography and its place in the world.  For an extra bonus, check out his ambient music creations on his personal YouTube channel too.


Ted Forbes on “High End Art:  Everything you NEVER wanted to Know”


The individuals I’ve listed above are creating some of the best videos on YouTube for other photographers. Like Michael Reichmann’s videos on the Luminous Landscape before them did for me, their work will inspire you to get your camera out and get creative.


Go forth and explore!




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