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Industrial Iris Studio

Industrial Iris Studio


We are finalizing the details of our new commercial studio for creating prints for Commercial, Healthcare and Hospitality businesses. Industrial Iris Studio is the commercial side of our fine art photography business where we will be exploring new print mediums, multimedia development and original music production four our videos.


Our site is currently under development, but we’re looking forward to launching it in the next week or so and working with architects, interior designers, builders and art buyers.   Take a look:


One of the major reasons we are creating a separate business from our fine art photography work is to address calls we’ve had for supplying our images to hospitals, hotels and for commercial lobbies.  I’ve been expanding the size of the prints I am creating by combining my Nikon D800E with Really Right Stuff panoramic rails to create large images with clarity and sharpness.  I’ve seen too many large prints in the hallways of  businesses which look nice from a distance, but as you get closer to them you find that they are not that sharp – noticeably so, that it impacts the feeling of the space one is in.  While there will be similarities between our two companies, our goal for Industrial Iris Studio is to provide a package of images that fit a theme or color schema and gives an ambiance to our clients spaces which reflect their brand.

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