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keeping your camera dry during a rainstorm
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Camera Storm Jacket



One of the best products to have around, and one that is always in my bag, is a rain cover for my camera.  If you want to stay in the field long after others have packed it in when wet weather moves in, then you owe it to yourself to pick out a rain jacket for your camera.  What’s more, by being able to stay out in inclement weather – you’re going to get shots that others can’t bring back and with a rain cover on your camera you have less likelihood  of your camera getting damaged. There are a number of companies which make good rain jackets for DSLR’s and you can get them in a variety of colors, even in camouflage.  For myself, I chose one from Vortex Media called the StormJacket which I love!  It is compact and very light, yet it unfolds to cover your camera and any lens up 15″. It is also designed to be used on your camera no matter whether you are hand-holding it for a shot or have it set on a tripod.  There is a drawstring opening on one end that goes over the end of your lens and a Velcro opening on the bottom so you can place the camera on a tripod with the bag on the camera.  The end opposite the lens has an opening so you can see the back of the camera or get your hands inside the cover to work with the camera’s controls.


One more thing I would recommend, which I learned from a video Thomas Heaton did is to carry a short-handled umbrella as well to help keep rain off of the front of your lens – even if you have a lens hood on!


My Storm Jacket cost about $28 and I chose a black one, although they also come in camo, red and yellow.

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