Gary Jones Photos | Blog | Working on increasing your percentages
Discussing that raising the percentage of your "keeper" images per shoot is more important than the number of keepers.
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Work on your percentages

Keepers file

Work on your percentages

No matter how long you’ve been shooting photographs you’ll get the feeling that you just can’t take a good shot at different times.  The same feeling runs through the amateur to the Pro alike.  Not every image is going to be a “keeper” and it’s important to understand that.  Even the top pros will tell you they shoot 1000 images in a day and may have 8-10 that have market value!  The trick is to work up the number of keepers you get from the total number of shots you take and build your percentages up.  Sooner or later you will discover that you are getting more keepers with fewer total images shot.  Let that be your goal over the unrealistic one of every shot a world-class keeper.


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