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This week has just flown by so fast that it is hard to believe the weekend is here again. We have been shooting the fall color every day for the past week in the Great Smoky Mountains and it has been an incredible experience. We could shoot this area for months and probably hardly cover half of it. Having a close affiliation with Colorado, I didn’t think any place could rival my favorite areas of Colorado for scenic beauty or Fall color – but the Great Smoky Mountains certainly rank up there at the top of my list now! Mark Morgan, Christine and I have only covered a few of the areas here in GSMNP, but have shot over 1000 images each so far – with two more days left of our trip.


Some of my favorite shooting was on Wednesday when we spent the afternoon shooting the Roaring Fork River in the rain. It was cold, wet and FUN! We spent about 3-4 hours on the river with each of us shooting at different locations and keeping in touch by walkie-talkies. I managed to shoot about 300 images that afternoon, including video from the middle of the river as the rain came down. We all managed to not fall in the river, even while climbing down the slopes of the river and scrambling out onto boulders in the middle of the river. I did manage to almost lose my polarizer and 8-stop neutral density filters twice when they got dislodged from my lens and fell in the river! Fortunately, the first event happened in a place where the filter fell into the water and landed on a rock underwater whose top was only about 6 inches from the surface and I was able to grab it before it was carried away by the current. The second time happened while climbing down to the river and it fell onto a pile of leaves floating on the river and I was able to lift it gently off of the leaves before it sank lower. Aside from those small scares the rest of the day was a blast as we endured rain, cold and the challenges of getting our images.


Below is an image from our afternoon on the Roaring Fork River in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.





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