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GSMNP (Day 4)

GSMNP (Day 4)


After arriving at our cabin and getting unpacked, we looked over some of the local maps and headed out for the afternoon to go shoot. The GPS doesn’t show just how winding the roads are here. Because you can’t see around the next corner you are always surprised by the beauty just around the bend. We arrived at what is probably about one third of the way into the peak fall color, so we will definitely be out everyday from dawn to dusk the rest of the week. The forecast is for rain the next day and a half so we stopped at the North Face store so Mark could add to his rain gear last night and we’re all ready to shoot int he rain when it gets here.

We took some time to eat out in Gatlinburg last night and walk around a bit. The town is pretty much just a tourist trap filled with every imaginable type of store and restaurant. Interesting place to visit, but I like living in Stillwater much better.


Christine and Mark Shooting

Christine and Mark shooting on the first day out.


Clingmons Dome

Clingmons Dome in the haze.



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