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Abandon the Couch


Abandon the Couch


While both Christine and I have won a number of awards for our photography, we started out with a percentage of keepers that was so low that we wondered why keep at it?  Well, we kept at it because we really loved creating images, even if they weren’t that good from either a technical or artistic standpoint at the outset.  But, we kept looking for ways to build upon our knowledge and kept picking up our cameras and taking pictures till our percentage of keepers grew.  Along with that came recognition and ultimately the selling of our work to businesses, individuals and galleries.  The difference I have found between those whose work reaches the public’s eye and those who never attempt to create great images is that the latter, in one way or another, remain on the Couch of Immobility.  Thomas Edison said genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration which translates into getting up and taking the steps towards what you want to accomplish.  While talent figures into photography to a degree, focus and determination are even bigger foundations to being a successful photographer – and in most other endeavors in life.


As in most areas of life people decide what they CAN do and not what they WANT to do.  Regardless of where you start out in the area of talent for anything, let me encourage you to pursue what you want to do over what you can do right now.  Perhaps cliche, but every journey begins with a single step.  Approach what you want to do with some thought and utilize the web, friends, contacts and anything you can think of to help you figure out how you can do it.  As Steve Jobs once said “the journey is the reward”.  Begin your journey.  If photography is your interest, abandon the couch and focus on the type of photography you want to create and start working on creating those kinds of images.  Taking action and getting out to create your images pushes you forward to the next step of experimenting with them in post production – and then to getting them ready for showing.  Getting your images displayed in a public space is equivalent to a baseball player reaching the big leagues.  Getting to the “Big Show” is what most photographers have in the back of their mind – and you can do it – but it begins when you abandon the couch and start your journey towards being an artist.

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