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Images and video that detail the use of a pre-fab modern shed and it's use as a creative space for a pair of photographers.
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modern shed studio

A Photographer’s Studio – Modern Shed

We’re in the process of considering how to create a photography studio to help give us more room in our house and give us a better defined space for our post production work.   We’re exploring the construction options of one of the larger Modern-Shed structures to provide that studio space.  The sheds are prefab structures which were designed by husband and wife architects Ryan Grey Smith and Ahna Holder and are light-filled and open structures with modern exterior finishes.  One of the really nice features of the sheds is that they can be connected  to an electrical panel, have cable TV and heat and air systems fitted to them.  While the sheds are designed to surpass all of the national residential building codes, they typically do not require a building permit as they are not considered permanent structures.


Our current situation involves taking two of our home’s bedrooms and dedicating them to all of our gear storage, frames and post production setup.  (computers, dual monitors, scanners, multiple printers)  So, we feel it would be nice to reclaim some of the space in our house and have a dedicated space for everything, along with space to shoot videos and do our post production work from our photo trips.  The example above is what the sheds look like – and what might work for us, but with a bit larger footprint.


Check out some of the different kinds of spaces at Modern Sheds


Here is a short video of one of the small Modern Shed’s being used by a photographer as his backyard studio:



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