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A description of Kevin Kubota's photography studio in Bend, Oregon.
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A Photographer’s Studio – Kevin Kubota

There’s nothing quite like reaching that point in your business where you can create a space which gives you the opportunity to expand creatively, financially and create new opportunities.


kevin kubota studio

Kevin Kubota, voted a Top Ten Wedding Photographer also has four other businesses he runs from his custom-built studio in Bend, Oregon.  His group of companies include Kubota Image Tools, Asukabook, Studio Elle and Kubota Photo-Design, Inc He is a well known speaker and creator of instructional videos that cover Photoshop, Lightroom and Kubota Image Tools and a frequent instructor on Chase Jarvis’s Creativelive courses.  Add to that his Kevin Kubota Ignite conferences and you kind of get the feeling he’s a busy guy!


Kevin has several excellent instructional videos, but one of my favorite ones is his “How to Photoshop Everyone” mini-movie which is a lot of fun to watch and instructional at the same time.


From what I understand Kevin built his studio in Bend, Oregon just a few years ago, after 18 years of working from his home where he grew his wedding photography business and has been ranked by American Photo Magazine as one of the Top Ten Wedding photographers around.  After many years of living in L.A. and building a wedding photography business there he made the decision to pick up and move to Bend, Oregon to live in a different environment.  As unsettling as it was at the time, he said that within a year his business actually grew beyond what he was doing in L.A.  As time passed Kevin expanded into developing a line of Photoshop and Lightroom actions, known as Kubota Image Tools, and his business grew to the point where he could build a studio of his own and could concentrate on diversifying his business.
Today, Kevin’s studio serves as home to each of his businesses and is a reflection of his personality and appears designed to serve the way he works – and plays!  He recently retired from wedding photography as his primary income resource to run his photography-support related businesses and his studio reflects the new direction he is taking.


Take a tour of Kevin Kubota’s studio:


Somehow, I think this is how we all think of ourselves as photographers ….. till the music stops…………………




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